This Bride Makes A Valid Point By Getting Married Without Any Makeup Or Jewellery

Tasneem Jara is an extraordinarily pretty bride who got married without putting on any makeup or jewellery, in a simple and subtle cotton saree. Yet, this bride was more than enough to make headlines, forget turning heads.


According to Tasneem, an expensive wedding dress would have made it difficult to walk for her and also served no purpose post the wedding. Not that she is against dolling up for the wedding day, but what use is it if it defies the basic personality of the girl on the most important day of her life?


Marriages in India are extravagant, big and fat. In fact, a wedding in India is often the parameter to judge the financial level of both parties and thanks to the illogical social norms of the country, a major part of the expenditure of a wedding is borne by the girl’s side.

On the other hand, every girl has her own set of dreams and expectations from her big day. Right from the color of the lehenga to the design of the bangles to the makeup artist to the perfect set of heels, a bride’s quest for marriage is majorly revolving around her looks.


And why won’t it be? She is, in fact, the object of desire and attention in every Indian wedding. So much is the pressure of looking the best that an Indian bride has to spend extravagant amounts to make sure no questions are raised. While the groom has all comforts and tranquil in a nice suit, the bride is often the most uncomfortable, decked up in the heaviest of metals!


But not all brides go the same way. Some think out of the box and make sure practicality prevails.

Through Tasneem’s extraordinary step in her own wedding and a powerful post that she wrote on her Facebook timeline, the Dhaka based doctor has surpassed all stereotypes and made a valid point. After four days of her wedding, Tasneem took to Facebook explaining her decision and has received a mixed response from the social media.

Personally, I feel that we need to change this mindset. A girl should not need a whitening lotion, a gold necklace or an expensive saree to be accepted as a bride or to make her feel confident.

Her post has already garnered more than 30,000 shares and reached to many.

I faced a lot of resistance from many quarters after making this decision. Certain members of my family even said that they won’t take any photo with me because I didn’t dress like (they imagine) a bride. Shoutout to the few family members who have supported me in this, and special shoutout to this person beside me, Khaled, who has not only supported me unconditionally but also beamed at me with so much pride, for taking a stance against the stereotypes.

Read the whole post by Tasneem here:

Whether or not a bride wants to dress up like an Indian queen or take the ‘saat pheras‘ in a simple cotton saree or even a pair of rugged jeans is a choice of the bride. For who are we to make it a norm for brides to look more like glowing LEDs on their day of weddings, the happiest day of their lives?

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