This Artist Illustrated Daily Adventures With His Wife And The Comics Are Hilarious

Yehuda Devir is an artist and character designer. His wife is his inspiration for most of the illustrations. There is a series of comics on how the couple gets through each day.

Whether it is his wife taking tons of time getting ready or wrecking up the kitchen but ending up with cereal for dinner or motivating him. His wife, Maya is definitely the cutest inspiration.Here are some of my favorite comics from the series:

#1 Basically Every Night Out

#2 Making jealousy look cute

#3 This is quite legit

 #4 Well, how can he sleep?

#5 We’ve all done this at some point

#6 You asked for motivation…

#7 Only if she knew..

#8 The warmest one

#9 The relatable one

#10 Look forward to this at the end of the day

You can check out more of his work here. The couple resides in Tel Aviv and both are illustrators. Yehuda’s work varies from comics to clothing.

And they make a gorgeous couple!

Which one of the comics is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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