This 81-Year-Old Bodybuilder Will Put Your Fitness Regime To Shame

Unless you’re one of the rare specimens who can get away with shovelling food into your face without gaining any weight, you should probably be working out a little.

Our ancestors were busy running around, hunting animals and fighting wars, so even if they ate an entire moose, they managed to burn off the calories and keep those enviable caveman abs intact.
Unfortunately, slaying it on Instagram doesn’t quite have the same impact on fitness as slaying running animals for meat, ergo the modern world’s need for a better fitness solution.

A solution lovingly called the gym, which is where you should be.

If the risk of impending cardiac failure isn’t inspiration enough though, you should take a leaf from Ernestine Shepherd’s book.


The 81-year-old bodybuilder pushes herself every day to stay in the best shape she’s ever been. And for all the late starters out there, she only began working out at 56.

Her daily regimen includes a 10-mile walk followed by exercise at 7.30am and then leading workout sessions till 11.30am. In 2011, she even held the Guinness Book of World Records title for Oldest Competitive Female Bodybuilder.

The story behind her insane level of fitness is pretty relatable though, considering it all began when she and her sister were insecure about wearing a swimsuit to an event. Which is when she tried to get in shape and the rest is history.

Ripped AF, less than 10% body-fat history.


Unfortunately, Ernestine’s sister succumbed to an aneurysm, but before she did she did, she made Ernie promise ot never give up and land a spot in the Guinness book.

“First of all I get up every day and before I go to bed, I pray and thank God for each day he has allowed me to live. Then I thank God for the fact I have remained happy (some days I’m not happy but some way or another I get it together). I have learned to eat healthily. From my depression and panic attacks, I have learned that I need to get out and walk every day to keep myself together.”
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She even mentions her simple mantra “Determined-Dedicated-Disciplined” that helped her cope with the loss of her sister and subsequent panic attacks.


Here’s to the sweetest lady who could probably knock you out in one hit.

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