Here Are 6 Things That Most Of Us Indians Do Not Know And Will Find Shocking!

India is a fascinating country. The region and the cultures are so diverse that we still cannot comprehend them all. There are so many hidden skeletons and facts about our nation that will surprise you. This Quora thread was surely a revelation!

Here are some of the most shocking things that we as Indian’s ought to know but don’t.

#1. You Have Insurance With The LPG Company In Case of An Accident



The monthly LPG cylinders we get from the distributor is liable to pay an insurance amount in case of an accident. So the Hindustan or Bharat Petroleum will pay you the liability amount in case of an unfortunate accident. Their police states:

In case of the unfortunate event of an accident, the LPG customer must immediately inform the distributor in writing.  The distributor then informs the concerned oil company and the insurance company about the same.

#2. Mahatma Gandhi Is Not The Father Of The Nation


Do you feel like your entire childhood has been a lie as well?! We’ve been taught in school that Mahatma Gandhi was the ‘Father of the nation’. That is unfortunately not true. This is because Government of India confers only educational and military titles. No where in the constitution is Mahatma Gandhi recognized as father of the nation, it is more a honorary title we have provided lovingly to the man who worked so hard for the Indian Independence.

This fact came into light when a Lucknow-based student filed an RTI. To which the Central Information Commissioner replied, “There is no order/document on record by which Gandhiji was given the title of “Rastrapita”. Gandhiji is reverently called the “Father of the Nation/Rastrapita” by the entire country. The title is not dependent on the presumed presence or absence of official records.”

#3. Flying Kite Is Kinda Illegal In India



Wondering how people get away with it? That’s because they don’t know! As per the Indian Aircraft Act of 1934, kite flying is an offense. Yes they consider kite as an aviation vehicle for all intents and purpose. Unless you own a permit, you cannot own, sell or even fly a kite. Yes, you can be jailed for it. Pretty fly right?!

#4. The Western Toilet Was Invented During The Indus Valley Civilization

Ephesus toilets 2


Okay, maybe it didn’t look as fancy as the ceramic ones now, but the system of well, how shit goes down the drain via this method was invented eons ago (~4000 years ago). Good news is our style of taking a dump hasn’t changed much.

#5. Juggernaut Is Derived From Lord Jagannath of Puri



Jagannath means ‘Lord Of The Universe’ and is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. During the Rath Yatra festival, his idols and other couple other deities are placed in a chariot and then pulled by volunteers and worshipers. Sometimes this heavy chariot ends up crushing the people in its wake, which is  how the word ‘Juggernaut’ came about.

#6. Steve Jobs Decided Apple As A Logo For The Products After A Visit To India



There are many alternative theories of how Steve Jobs finally decided on the logo. One theory states that on one of his visits to ashrams in India, he met Hindu holy man called Neem Karoli Baba and it changed his life. This was in 1974, his visit to India influenced a lot of his lifestyle which is even explained in detail in his biographies. Steve was so mesmerized by this baba that he kept -what he thought was the baba’s favorite fruit –  as the logo of his legacy. Here is the full story.

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