Here Are 15 Things That We Did Not Know Come With An Expiry Date

We all have certain things that we’ve been using ever since the beginning of our existence and it just gets so difficult to give them up. From old comfy footwear to our favorite sunglasses, we all have our favorite things that remain with us for years. 

What we might not know is that a lot of these things that we assume are very close to us actually come with an expiry date and their use after a certain point of time can be less effective or for that matter even harmful!

Here’s a list of the 15 most common household items that come with an expiry date and should not be used after a certain period of time.

1) Spices- 2 Years


Now, isn’t this bad news for people who love collecting spices and store the rare ones for years to come? Spices start to lose theirflavourr after two years and one shouldn’t be using them after that.

2) Sports Shoes- 6 months


This only applies to use to actually use their sports shoes regularly. The absorption system, soles, and backs wear out quickly and hence running shoes should be changed every six months or after every 250 miles of usage.

3) Sunglasses- 2 Years 


After a period of two years, ultraviolet rays have a negative effect on lenses resulting the lenses to allow more rays to pass through. For safer eyes, it’s recommended that you change your sunglasses once every 2 years.

4) Toothbrush- 3 Months 


It’s about time you get rid of the brush that has been on that stand for years. Ideally, toothbrushes should be changed every three months before they turn into incubi of bacteria.

5) Towel- 3 Years


Wet towels are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and apart from this, the frequent washing also wears out the fabric after a certain point of time. When they are washed at high temperatures, the fabric is at a high risk of getting ruined. Towels must be changed in every three years.

6) Combs- 1 Year


 The life of an average comb or brush is one year only, even if you clean and wash it regularly. After this period it can provoke dandruff and problems with hair.

7) Makeup Sponge- 6 Months


Not only should you be washing and cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges regularly, you should also renew your sponge in every six months.

8) Bra- 2 Years


Sad news for all the ladies who have their favorite bra that they have been wearing for years. After two years, the bra tends to deform and the fabric starts to stretch.

9) Sponge For Washing Dishes- 2 Weeks


The period of safe and effective use of such sponges is only 2 weeks. Post two weeks, the sponge loses its ability to clean the utensils.

10) Pillows – 2-3 Years


Despite the shape and quality, pillows lose their shape after 2-3 years and dust mites begin to inhabit them. Changing pillows after every two years is a must for healthy sleep.

11) Mattress- 8 Years


You need to change your mattress every eight years and make sure that you turn it over in every six months to increase its longevity. Also, change your blanket it every 7 years before they end up becoming a place for dust mites to stay.

12) Slippers- 6 Months


Slippers that you wear every day at home should be replaced in every six months because after that they become a potential breeding ground for fungus.

13) Tea Bags- 6 Months


Despite being safely secured and packed, tea bags are not suitable for consumption after six months because of the ability of tea leaves to ferment.

14) Smartphone- 2-3 Years


Unfortunately, even your smartphone comes with an expiry date and it starts to get slow after a period of two years. After two years, the phone starts to show glitches with sudden breaks in the activity. This mostly happens to phones with nonremovable batteries.

15) Wooden Cutting Boards- 3 Years


Wooden cutting boards should be replaced after every three years as they become a good environment for bacteria to grow. Also, they tend to lose their shape and edges because of humidity and knives.

I have a lot of things that I need to get rid of now! Do you have to throw away things that you’ve used way past their expiry dates? If yes, make sure you stop doing it and don’t forget to let us know how informative this article was to you in the comment section!

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