These Jokes On Children’s Day Are So Funny, They Should Be Hidden From Real Children

Today, India celebrates Children’s day and Nehruji’s birthday.


The day is celebrated to increase awareness towards rights, care, and education of children. Obviously, twitterati is not taking it in that way. What better way to celebrate the day than laughing right? We compiled the best tweets that surfaced on our timelines:

#1 Okay, this is the funniest.

#2 Badi meherbani!

#3 Point toh hai, bhai!

#4 Arrey arrey!

#5 Well, we will never understand why they call each other baby.

#6 Kaafi happening hai uska din.

#7 Kya aap legend hai?

#8 Ouch!

#9 Arrey arrey!

#10 Lo ji, Baal divas ki shubh kamnaye!

#11 Well…

#12 We’re speechless.

#13 Yaar, we laughed harder than we thought we would!

#14 The most sensible tweet.

#15  Petition tayar kare?

#16 She said it!

So, how are you celebrating baal divas? 

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