These ‘High On Hormones’ Facebook Creeps Are So Funny We Just Couldn’t Report Them!

We really don’t need to give you a tour of how interesting Facebook has been for us, from sharing “What’s on your mind”, to your pictures to letting people know the exact location where you just pee-ed! Other than your friends, there someone else too who has an eye for you.

These nocturnal species is always hovering around you and sometimes they do have the indecency to drop you a message, knowing it might reach you light years later(thanks to filtered messages). But how about some fun and opening that ‘other messages’, unveiling the Pandora’s box. There would be a whole lot of issues in there, lying unattended to in the world- unsatisfied hormones, grammar blunders, social anxiety, inborn creepiness and much more!

Here are 10 weirdest messages we ended up with and we are still trying to understand if we should actually report them or let them just be their miserable selves.

1. Do you aaa have any aaa clue aaaa what he means?


2. Are you LONELY too? Request have to you!


3. Is it still online abuse when you can’t spell what you mean?


4. It’s a QUITE affair here! Shhhh.


5. End of story.




7. I wish my priorities were that sorted! #Respect


8. There’s just one thing we are feeling after reading this- MEH.


9. Please reply must, or else, I will block you!


10. He won’t change the question unless you say a YES, darling.


11. Human Foot Mats For  Sale. Hurry Now.


Do you have an equally creepy, yet hilariously confused message lying somewhere in that folder? Fish that out and let’s pray for these poor ones together.

Disclaimer: This article is no way making fun of ‘online abuse’ or taking the serious issue for granted. The article is in sole respect for the creeps who put forward their self-esteem and take on the risk of messaging an unknown girl and somewhere end up making a fool of themselves! Our heart goes to all you brave souls! May god give you a pinch of self-respect!

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