These Enter Password Jokes Will Lighten Up Your Weekly Stress Levels

‘Enter Password’ is the new ‘Knock Knock’ joke.


The internet is a place for anyone who is sad or unhappy with their week. We can literally turn anything into a joke, just like humans do. So if you’re having a boring week or you’re just sad that shit isn’t all chill, here are a few jokes that might lighten you up. It might just make your week better! People on Twitter found out that entering passwords is a trivial thing and they make everything funny. So here are some of the best jokes:

#1 Ahem ahem

#2 Where is the dhai kilo ka haath?

#3 Yaar, yeh kinna funny hai.

#4 Too strong ji.

#5 Aye Chinki, tu bahut change ho gaya hai.

#6 Kaafi lame

#7 Smart hai?

#8 Modi ji is best.

#9 Same goes for a boyfriend?

#10 Woh kya hota hai?

#11 Bruhaahaha!

#12 Aila, Sachin?

#13 Tu Shaktiman nahi hai Gangadhar hai.

#14 Kaafi sad.

#15 Quite Legit

Do you have any ‘enter password’ jokes?

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