The Stories That Inspired These 6 Evergreen Disney Films Are Not Kid Friendly

Inspiration is everywhere, they say. And what matters more, is what you choose to do with the inspiration.

To be honest, Disney movies do have their dark side. The evil twin sisters, the beast, the monsters; they exist and we can fight them. That’s all we have learned from Disney throughout these years. Having said that, did you know that Shakespeare’s Hamlet-inspired ‘The Lion King’?

#1 Pinnochio


The movie was inspired by Carlo Collodi’s novel Adventures of Pinocchio (1883). In the novel, Pinocchio’s sidekick  Jiminy Cricket is fatally smashed by Pinocchio with a mallet. Also, in that story, Pinocchio is drowned and mugged by a cat and fox. We have no idea how though.

#2 Peter Pan


It is inspired by J.M. Barry’s play dated 1904 and in that Peter is spiteful. Peter is seen despising adults and he kills the Lost Boys- his friends just because they were growing older.

The boys on the island vary, of course, in numbers, according as they get killed and so on,” reads Barry’s 1911 novel, adapted from the play. “When they seem to be growing up, which is against the rules, Peter thins them out.”

In another scene, he intentionally breathes faster because in the Neverland it is said each time you breathe, an adult dies.

#3 Aladdin And The King Of Thieves


It was inspired by the storybook Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and it showcases Alladin’s father in a different light. Instead of reuniting with his son, he gets murdered by a bunch of bandits. His body is further scattered all over their cave and later, his brother takes him to a tailor to stitch him up and is said to be dead due to natural causes.

#4 Snow White


In the original from Brothers Grimm, Snow White is vengeful. She actually invites her half mother to the wedding with the prince. Also, once she is there she gives her a pair of hot iron shoes and forces her to dance to death in front of everyone.

#5 The Lion King


The animated we still adore was inspired by Shakespeare’s tragic play ‘Hamlet’. Claudius (Scar) murders his own brother King Hamlet (Mufasa). Later the King’s son (Simba) as a ghost and instructs him to avenge his death. In the end, everyone is dead.

#6 Pochantas


Pochantas was real apparently, she was 12 years old and Smith was 30. They never had a romantic relationship and the proof is in Smith’s diaries. According to what is written in the dairy, Pochantas was raped and impregnated her. During the war, Pochantas was kidnapped and later died at 21 due to mysterious reasons.

Everyone’s childhood was messed up but we turned out just alright.

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