These 8 Classic Hindi Films Have Random YouTube Comments That Are Priceless

When in doubt for movie reviews, check the YouTube comment section.

If you want cheap comedy and no time to invest watching Standup, you should consider Youtube comment section. In fact, this area of social media has comedy gold.

We went back in time to stalk some of the old Bollywood films which were immensely popular to understand exactly what the ‘niche’ audience feels. Some of these comments are absolutely hilarious. Take a look.

#1. These Dil Chahta Hai fans are…umm…very observant!

#2. Again, kya phook ke baithe ho? Hum Saath Saath Hai viewers are weirder than the movie itself!

#3. Ajay Devgn got bhaizoned. Ishq is not on everyone’s minds.

#4. These comments do bring a lot of legit questions to mind.

#5. People are taking note of how unrealistic Koi Mil Gaya was.

#6. I bet the goras wrote these comments for Lagaan. That film is a national treasure since the goras took our Kohinoor and now we settle for a film.

#7. Ummm….

#8. And we hit the jackpot with Rang De Basanti. The first comment is priceless.

Design Credits: Nandini Naidu

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