10 Indian Cooking Hacks That Will Save Every Working Mom’s Day In The Kitchen

If you’re a working mom, first of all, we bow to thee! Just like a superwoman, we have seriously no idea how you juggle between everyday menus, work, kids and still end up having a ‘Best Mom Ever’ greeting card on Mother’s day! And given how you always have both hands full every day, we know how much time of yours goes in making the best possible dishes for your family. Indian cooking is not that easy to master, with the level of love and dedication that goes into the preparation of even the easiest of Indian dishes. In such a case, wouldn’t it be really handy to have some smart cooking hacks that could reduce your extra brain hammering in the kitchen?

Here are 10 everyday cooking hacks you that would decrease your load in the kitchen in tons of ways!

#1 Caramelising Onions

It’s an everyday routine while you spend hours trying to get that perfect brown as you fry onions! Add a pinch of baking soda/salt to fasten up the process and get them brown in no time.

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#2 Rotten Potatoes And Onions

This is the most common mistake we do, storing onions and potatoes together. Keeping them together will ruin the potatoes sooner. Place them in separate jars/baskets to keep them fresh for long.

#3 Keep Ants Away From Sugar Jars

Placing two or three cloves in the sugar jar will keep the pesky ants away from even touching the sugar.

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#4 Fungus In Pickle Jars

Pickle jars are more prone to fungus even if a droplet of water touches them. Burn a small amount of hing or asafetida over coal or burning gas. Invert the empty jar over hing before adding pickle to it. This will keep your pickle safe.

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#5 Stubborn Mutton

Having a hard time getting the mutton soften up? Add some raw mashed papaya into the marinade and you’re sorted.

#6 Healthy Fried Potato Wedges

If you love potato wedges and cannot keep them off your diet chart, boil them before you fry them. This would cook them up faster and make them absorb lesser oil.

#7 Keep Boiling Milk Off Spilling

No more keeping an eye on the boiling milk and playing hide and seek with it! Keep a wooden ladle/spoon on top of the vessel and say goodbye to spilling issues.

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#8 The Art Of Making Soft Rotis

There is no way we can make you master perfectly round rotis, however, making them soft is possible! Knead the dough with some milk and it will keep your dough fresh and make soft rotis. 

#9 Handling Extra Salt/Water In Food

Too much salt in food? Add some milk in the dish and ‘extra salt’ won’t be a problem. Also, if there is too much water in your dish, put a piece of potato, it will absorb the extra water and neutralize your dish.

#10 Insects In Rice Jars

Add a packet of boric acid or mint leaves into the rice jar. This would keep the rice safe from rice weevils.

Do you have any useful cooking hacks that would save plenty of effort in the kitchen? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below!

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