The Worst Possible Lessons We Could Learn From 10 Bollywood Films

Bollywood can get a bit preachy.


Okay, Bollywood can get a lot preachy. Because if there was any industry solely dedicated to shoving forced upper middle-class morality down our throats, it’s this one. From happy endings to a clear good guy – bad guy – never getting laid guy bifurcation, there’s no storytelling medium better at getting the job done than this one.

But not all of it can be controlled by filmmakers. Sometimes, it’s up to the audience to watch, engage and understand what a movie is trying to convey and it would probably all go to shit if audiences were simply not willing to give a shit.

Because a movie paced and lit like a romantic love story could easily be misconstrued as stalking and harassment with a slight change in camera angles. Which is why it’s fun to explore what is the worst possible things people can take away from popular Bollywood films.











Vinuta Mestry made these images. Snaps for Vinutha Mestry.

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