10 Of The World’s Strongest Alcoholic Drinks We’re Not Sure You Can Handle

Getting drunk is fun, till it’s not.

Because while a few drinks with friends can be rewarding and help you have a good time, there’s always a point where you’ll have one too many and then be unable to hold a conversation longer than four words. But while a bottle and a half of Old Monk might be bad for you, these brands are faster.

By which we mean a few sips is all you need to shed your inhibitions and oesophagal lining.

Please note: Percentages are indicative of Alcohol By Volume.



Made in Estonia, it held the world record in 1938 for the strongest alcohol by volume with Piiritus that was 98% alcohol by volume.



The legendary Polish Vodka boasts one of the world’s highest alcohol contents. Currently, it ranks as the strongest drink in the world.



Popularly known as the world’s strongest booze, Everclear’s name spells out its potential to destroy most of your brain cells in one single evening. A grain spirit that’s odourless and tasteless, it’s manufactured by an American alcohol company named Luxco.



A single malt with a tricky fermentation process, it’s the world’s strongest whiskey with legendary potency. But we’re sure we’d still end up downing it with a little help from Thums Up.



One of the world’s most famous rums, it’s produced by the traditional method involving sugarcane juice and a water wheel. Manufactured in Grenada, it’s definitely worth a shot, or three.



The Czech Republic is notorious for consuming a tiny amount of alcohol, and Absinthe is still a very popular choice in the country – Hapsburg simply being the strongest. Many Czech Absinthes also contain thujone, a substance that allegedly produces psychedelic effects.



A product of Scotland, Pincer is famously good for health. Made with milk-thistle and elderflower to support your liver, the manufacturing process is also said to be eco-friendly.



If you were contemplating drinking this, know that the bottle has about 13 warning labels on it. Colourless, odourless and tasteless, people have actually been reported to have died of alcohol poisoning after consuming this one.



A charming name for a drink that can burn your throat on the way down. The bottles containing this drink explicitly warn consumers not to drink it without a mixer. But apart from that, this is one of the world’s most awarded rum.



Each bottle is equipped with a stainless steel flame trap, so that should vouch for just how strong it is. A popular ingredient in cocktails, it’s potency far exceeds the typical Bacardi rum most of us can get our hands on.

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