The World’s Coldest Village Has A Bone-Cracking Temperature Of -68C And We Crib About The AC Being At 16C

The only people who like cold countries are those who sit at home with their hot coffees and teas.

We’d like to know where you come from. And yes, Winter in a city like Mumbai is a myth. The temperature drops below 28C and we all remove our sweaters. Don’t even get us started on the AC temperature in our offices, we can’t bear it being below 22C. Everything said and done, we do not know what winters are like.

We bet you didn’t know that the coldest village (Yakutsk) in Siberia is located in Russia. The low temperature in Oymyakon, a village about 2,000 miles northeast of Beijing, China, plunged to -59C. degrees Celsius, or -75.3 degrees Fahrenheit, Sunday.

“Some residents recorded temperatures as low as -67C [-88.6F] at their properties, in touching distance of -67.7C [-89.8F], the coldest-ever officially recorded for a permanently inhabited settlement anywhere in the world, and the frostiest in the Northern hemisphere,” the Times noted.

The electronic thermometer broke at the record temperature of 62C. The temperature dropped to -68C. The village is home to 500 people. Ironically enough, the name of the village translates to ‘water that doesn’t freeze.’ We wonder how people use washrooms in this town.

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Also, mammoths started reappearing.

The eyelashes were freezing and covered in snow. We have no complains anymore.

We genuinely think they should reconsider their decision of staying there.

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