7 Indian Roads That You’d Want To Avoid On Your Next Road Trip

Roads, in general, freak me out.


Driving is not an easy task, driving on highways is a different ball game altogether. Mind you, roads in general, are terrifying. These roads are petrifying majorly because of their locations. We are just informing you about how shit scary these roads are and we hope you stay safe whenever you’re traveling.

#1 Neral-Matheran


The road from Neral- Matheran will leave you shitting bricks already. This road is one of the smoothest and narrowest roads in India. The landscape of the road makes it impossible for drivers to speed up. Want to visit?

#2 Zoji La Pass


Zoji La Pass is from Sonamarg in Jammu and Kashmir. It links Leh Ladhak to Kashmir. The pass is located at the height of 11,575 ft. This pass is the second highest pass in India.

#3 National Highway 22


National Highway 22 is featured on History Channel’s ‘IRT Deadliest Roads’. The most dangerous road cuts through a mountain. It is also called ‘Himachal Tibet Road’.

#4 Chang La


Chang La is a 134 km long road from Leh to Pangong lake. It is located 17,590 ft above sea level. The pass is covered in snow all throughout the year! This sounds only petrifying.

#5 Three level Zig Zag


No, it is not photoshopped! This is located in Sikkim and it looks beautiful. We’re feeling dizzy already. The spiral road is located near the historic old silk route from Tibet to India.

#6 Khardung La Pass


Located 17,582 ft above sea level, Khardung La Pass is near Ladhak. It is one of the highest mortable roads. Although a narrow road to reach the pass was built in 1976 but was opened for motor vehicles in 1988.

#7 Nathu La Pass


Nathu La Pass is located on the Old Silk Road. The roads are slippery and prone to landslides. The pass was located 13,123 ft above sea level. It is sealed for the Tibetians.

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