The Destiny Of The Real ‘Taarzan The Wonder Car’ Is Sadder Than It Was In The Film

Remember Taarzan the Wonder Car? That haunted piece of metal?


Taarzan the Wonder Car was the vehicle for Ayesha Takia’s launch in Bollywood. The movie was a piece of work! Not many know the concept of the possessed car was borrowed from Stephen King’s novel Christine.


For the film, the makers actually created a prototype based on  1991 Toyota MR2, 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse and Ferrari 348.

Design Credit: Prajna Kar

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After the film, the vehicle went AWOL. Until…

Until a random user posted this photo of the car. The car and the condition of the car is astounding.


The car pretty much looks like a pile of junk. Such a shame for all the effort car designer Dilip Chhabria would have invested in making the car.

Well, here’s our ode to an old friend. Get well soon, Taarzan!

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