The Dark Is Divine Project Beautifully Depicts Hindu Gods And Godesses Like Never Before

India is a little more obsessed with fairness than we would like to admit.




But this obsession isn’t something that particularly new. Ever since the British occupied our country longer than an unwanted house guest, there’s been a bit of a bias towards flawless skin whiter than the dahi chawal mom forced down your throat during times of diarrhoea.

We even escalated this preference in the depiction of our many, many Gods and Goddesses. Which is weird because India is a very healthy mix of a variety of browns.

But this isn’t something Baradwaj Sundar is willing to stand for. From Slingshot Productions, Chennai, Bharadwaj is questioning our undying devotion to white-beauty with his stunning photoshoot framing various deities as they would appear with warm skin. Which is what gave rise to the Dark Is Divine project.

“Whether it’s temples within our own homes or the pictures of gods at a barber shop – they are all the same. All of them show gods who are fair. I believe it’s a post-colonial hangover. The idea that fair is superior and better seems to have come from there. Because here, in India, we’re a majority of dark-skinned individuals.” (source)

So here are the stunning pictures that forgo blue and white tones to show off our Gods and Goddesses with divinely dark skin.

#1 Krishna

#2 Durga

#3 Shiva

#4 Saraswati

#5 Lakshmi

#6 Sita, Luv and Kush

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