These Celebrity Drawings Are So Terrible They’ll Make You Smile, Just Like Real Art!

Twitter user @SaifsArt is an artist who like many others in his field, shares his work on social media. Here’s the twist though. He’s really not lying about his skills in his bio when he says, “I can’t draw”. And he really is terrible with hands and noses.

For a while now, he’s been drawing truly horrible pictures of celebrities, politicians, and athletes that are so bad, they’re actually good. That’s why I love them so much, they make me laugh. 

See for yourself!

1. This is Justin Bieber, looking every bit the hottie he is!

2. That RiRi. Has she done something new to her hair? She looks a little different.

3. I’d recognize Nicki anywhere thanks to her signature pink lips!

4. Britney just never ages, does she?

5. Well, at least he got Katy’s eye colour right.

6. And Justin’s nose.

7. New number, who dis?

8. Brother made an effort to shade here.

9. The dress? Spot on!

10. So fab, who dat?

11. Woah. King Khan’s locks look great!

12. This one here deserves an Oscar. Am I right?

Twitter user @SaifsArt is a real artist. I hope he makes it big!

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