While People Are Spending Today Sending Teachers Their Love, These 12 Tweets Dare To Be Different

 Guys, it’s September the 5th. It’s time to recollect that at some point you went to school/college and there was someone in charge of keeping you there.

Teacher's Day

It’s not that all teachers are terrible. Just some of them, and if you’re unlucky, most of them. Which is why it’s great to see people actually appreciating the good ones, even if it’s only once a year on teacher’s Day.

But some people always dare to be different.

These are the people who will insist on turning everything into a series of hilarious yet unsolicited gags. People who are otherwise collectively known as “Twitter”. So naturally, this teacher’s day, they are out to make sure that no joke is left un-cracked. and we’ve collected the best of their efforts for your amusement.













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Mehernaz Patel

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