Why I Started Watching WWE Again As An Adult

Pro-wrestling: A form of performance art which combines athletics with theatrical performance. It takes the form of events, held by touring companies, which mimic a title match combat sport. The 90s nostalgia, we so fondly wash out on social media, ran through a phenomenon then known as WWF or the World Wrestling Federation. WWF is an […]

We Reimagined 13 Bollywood Actors As WWE Stars And The Results Are Pretty Damn Hilarious!

What if you give Bollywood stars a WWE makeover, ever wondered how they would look like?

10 Wrestlers You Grew Up Watching, Who Are No More

WWF (not WWE) has been a part of most guys’ lives, while growing up. The larger than life wrestlers, the over-the-top characters, and violent action, made it a staple of our lives, much to the chagrin of our parents, who would think it is a bad influence on us. And who can forget the trump […]

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