12 Weird Toilets That Could Poo-sibly Be The Funniest Way To Take A Dump

Toilets are a place where you sit and put your existential crisis on a slow burner.

10 Catchiest Writings Found On Public Toilet Walls That Are Hilarious AF!

Next time you use a public restroom, keep your eyes open!

10 Porn Movie Titles We Found Hidden In The Lyrics To ‘Mohabbat Hai Mirchi’

Humanity is obsessed with sex. But Bollywood has famously tried to avoid the topic since its inception. Using the ‘everything but’ technique to its maximum potential. Which is why they have clearly been hiding disgusting messages in the funniest places. Like the 2002 hit song Mohabbat Hai Mirchi. Featuring the talents of Zayed Khan and […]

10 Dangerous Things That We Won’t Do Today Which Were Completely Normal In The Past

The world that we live in today is a lot different than what it was before. Crime rates have increased, medical developments have made certain diseases extinct, global warming is real and a lot more. But if you think we are a crazy bunch of people, you will be surprised to know that the humans […]

Ugly And Useless:10 ‘Fashion Pieces’ By Designers That Should Never Have Existed

Fashion is often associated with trendy clothes and having a presentable appearance. The beauty of it is – it is ever-changing. However, there is also a dark side to it. The dark side called utter nonsense and useless in real life. Fashion houses continuously try to push the envelope by creating world class designs. Sometimes […]

Move Aside Parineeti And Varun – Amitabh Bachchan Is The Newest Face Of Lux

Lux is a brand that brings many images to mind. Banyans and fit men wearing them being the main ones. But there aren’t too many who would hear the word ‘Lux’ and immediately think ‘Amitabh Bachchan’. That’s about to change. Source The brand has reportedly signed on one of Bollywood’s most dignified actors as their […]

The Death Of A Producer On Narcos Isn’t The Only Thing The Netflix Series Is Battling

Narcos remains one of Netflix’s flagship series, however, in recent news, the murder of one of their location scouts came to light. Reportedly, however, the show has been under pressure from Pablo Escobar’s brother as well. Source Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria spoke to the Hollywood Reporter shortly after location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal’s murder, insisting that […]

Here Are 8 Tweets That Prove That KRK On RARE Occasions Does Make Sense!

Disclaimer: This article should be read with and in a sarcastic tone. If you have no sense of sarcasm, I deeply regret your lack of wry humor. KRK is trolled unfairly on Twitter. It takes immense talent to be famous for doing so little. His contribution to cinema has been revolutionary, to say the least. […]

Guinness World Records: This Lady Has Got Eyelashes That Go Farther Than Our Eyesight!

When it comes to Guinness World Records, there are all sorts of weird records that happen to find their winners in the archives. But what according to you would be the weirdest human body part related world record ever made? Well, here is a lady that is known to have the longest eyelashes in the […]

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