How Do Women Not Know That Single Men Generally Don’t Change Their Bedsheets For Days?

Okay, wait. Go to the nearest single guy you find and ask them this question. That’ll give you perspective. Most single guys often live a stress-free life. Khaaya, peeya, maze kiye and that’s pretty much it. Single men have priorities in life. Career, education, family, nashe, electronics. Ab zindagi ki bhaag daud mein hygiene pe […]

You’ll Definitely Swipe Right To These Funny Tinder Profiles Women Have Set Up In India

Tinder is definitely one of the weirdest places on the internet. A bunch of single guys flock to this app hoping to get some action or find a girlfriend only to be engulfed in a loop of no matches found and that awful notification that asks you to get Tinder plus. If you’ve suffered from […]

The Evolution Of Women’s Rights In Saudi Arabia Is Extremely Overwhelming To Witness

Women’s rights have changed drastically throughout the years. We all know Saudi Arabia is probably the most conservative country in the world.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the only country that doesn’t allow women to drive announced that women will now be able to obtain a driver’s license without their legal guardians in June 2018. […]

A Journalist Victim Shamed 17 YO Zaira Wasim, So Swara Bhaskar And Folks On Twitter Put Some Sense Into Her

We are living in a country where a 17 YO gets molested on a flight and she is the one receiving hatred. Why? When a 17-year-old incredibly talented Zaira Wasim gets molested, what do the people of the country do? They victim shame her for going live on Instagram and she receives hate? Really? This is […]

10 Absolutely Weird Things Women Have Been Compared To In Bollywood Songs

Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga, khilta gulab and shayar ka khwab? Not anymore. Which woman is like a jalebi? No. Seriously, we demand answers. Why would you call anyone a jalebi? Bollywood has surprisingly been using various metaphors for women and most of them are useless. Songwriters, be creative but do not overdo it. Okay, we […]

11 Bollywood Films That Sailed On The Shoulders Of Its Strong Female Characters

There’s a pattern we noticed and we are not happy about it. Can we safely say that women in Bollywood have been underestimated? We took a look at the most memorable women in Bollywood in the past decade. The roles which were a lot more than just a Simran whose bauji wanted to give her […]

Coca-Cola’s New Ad About A Saudi Father & His Daughter Breaks All Kinds Of Stereotypes

Coca-Cola is not just the pioneer in the cola industry but they’ve time and again managed to come up with absolutely brilliant advertisements. Source The video has been shared by the Coca-Cola’s Youtube Channel and it begins with the father and daughter switching seats. The daughter looks excited and confident as she takes the keys […]

These Photos Of Women From Afghanistan In The 60’s Will Shock You

If you thought women in Afghanistan were the same in 1960’s like they are today, think again! The scenario in Afghanistan was a lot more liberal in the 1950’s and 1960’s. People led a much-westernized lifestyle and also maintained the respect conservation fractions. Kabul was known as the ‘Paris of Central Asia.’ A State Department […]

Women And AC – A Hate Story. Why Women Feel Colder Than Men When The AC Is On!

Being at work gets tougher when you sit exactly below the AC vent shivering through the day. But my dear friend, it is not you, it is them!

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