10 Of The World’s Strongest Alcoholic Drinks We’re Not Sure You Can Handle

Getting drunk is fun, till it’s not. Because while a few drinks with friends can be rewarding and help you have a good time, there’s always a point where you’ll have one too many and then be unable to hold a conversation longer than four words. But while a bottle and a half of Old […]

Do You Know There Is A Difference Between Whisky And Whiskey?

Have you ever noticed that there are two different spellings of whisky (whiskey)? For most of us, Whisky and Whiskey is just one thing. We don’t bother with the spelling and just order the usual. If there is a fancy occasion, then we choose our favourite Jack Daniels. But actually, there is some difference in between […]

This Mumbai Bar Is Offering Unlimited Drinks To Men At Just ₹ 999, Tomorrow!

You must have heard of ladies’ nights at a lot of pubs and bars, where women can have complimentary drinks. None of those bars have had a ‘men’s night’. So far. Glocal Junction in Mumbai is about to change all of that, as they are doing something special for men. So what’s the deal? A […]

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