Shashi Tharoor Is Super Impressed With What Might Be The Best Whatsapp Forward Of All Time

Shashi Tharoor. The man, the legend, the mobile thesaurus. Source India’s 21st-century gentleman scholar has taken over the internet for a reason he could probably never have foreseen. A respectable vocabulary. Shashi Tharoor is our modern renaissance man armed with a stellar education, floppy hair and the respect of an entire online community. But despite […]

Whatsapp Released The Number Of Texts People Sent On New Years And Indians Are Leading

Gone are the days when people would meet in person during the festive season and convey their wishes to their loved ones.  Source Forget meeting people, we don’t even want to make phonic conversations anymore. We are the texting generation and how miserable our lives would be without this brilliant app called ‘WhatsApp’. Source The […]

6 Times We Can’t Believe We Were Fooled By Fake Internet Pictures

The internet is a magical place. A  place where you can connect with people all around the world, a place to learn countless skills for free, a place where someone like Dhinchak Pooja can become famous. But the internet is not all puppies and rainbows. There are countless instances of horrible things popping up online […]

12 Signs You Are On The Way To Becoming A Social Media Addict

Social media is becoming a huge part of our day. In fact, can you even think of spending a day without your phone and not constantly missing it? Ironically, you are reading this too on one of your social media apps, I am sure. Not that the present world of unlimited connection and data speeds […]

We Summarised Your Favourite Bollywood Movies Using Whatsapp Chats & The Results Are Brutal

What’s up, Whatsapp? Back in the day, Bollywood named three essentials for human life – roti, kapda aur makaan. With the advent of technology, our generation has successfully managed to add two more elements to this list – mobile phones and movies. So we did what every responsible netizen should; we mixed Bollywood and Whatsapp […]

WhatsApp Has Answered Our Prayers With A Feature That Lets Us Delete Sent Messages

Guys, I know it has been a shit week for everyone, but something magical just happened. Don’t panic. Simply take a deep breath and let us tell you the magical news – WhatsApp is going to let you delete your messages. Not just on your device – everywhere. You may think this is not that […]

Without Advertisements, How Does WhatsApp Earn Money?

How was a free application WhatsApp acquired at $19 billion? Who uses SMS now? WhatsApp has 940 million users and that is only increasing by seconds. Thanks to companies like Jio, accessing the internet is much easier and affordable now. When Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded it in 2009, the only purpose they wanted […]

This Man Got Fired By His Manager For Leaving His Team’s WhatsApp Group!

Getting fired from one’s job is in itself a very painful pinch. Not only is it a direct attack on our self-worth and esteem, it seems cruel and definitely disastrous to the resume. However what can be crueler is when the reason for you getting fired is simply unrealistic. What is the most bizarre reason […]

10 Whatsapp Emojis That Are Always Used in The Shadiest Manner Possible

Emojis are completely indispensable in the 21st century. Because, like some forgettable Bollywood film taught us, “Kuch baatein boli nahin jati, mehsoos ki jaati hain,” or some such shit. And just because there will aways be emojis that capture what we need to say better than our words can, we never hesitate to use them. Because, […]

Whatsapp Has A New Update For All Those Who Love Their ‘Text Status’ And Wanted It Back!

Whatsapp is one app that everyone from your grandmother to your nieces and nephews use today. Last month Whatsapp updated the app across the iOS and Android devices, to offer a new type of feature called ‘Status’. Status was basically a Snapchat story for Whatsapp users. This update was not well received and was thrashed by many […]

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