Have You Ever Been Confused About The Difference Between ‘Ganja’ And ‘Bhang’? Here It Is

Now that Holi is upon us, it’ time for some thandai and maalpua. One of the most asked questions during this festive period is whether you’d like some bhang. Considering the lack of knowledge surrounding the cannabis plant, we thought we should clear some misconceptions. Bhang is an edible form of cannabis popular in the […]

Guy Posts Pictures With A Gaanja Plant And Forgets About Kaanoon Ke Lambe Haath

Imagine being so high that you post pictures online posing with a cannabis plant and inviting law enforcement agencies straight to your house. For a country that is so polarised on subjects like language, food, culture, favourite IPL teams, and politics; agreeing on one thing is seemingly impossible. But there’s one thread that keeps the […]

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Might Just Roll Into The Marijuana Market

Say whatever you want to about Baba Ramdev, the man knows one important thing – weed is pretty awesome and so is making money. Source Granted, some Indian politicians are slowly willing to consider the herb for its medicinal properties. Which is probably why Patanjali, Ramdev’s native brand might be looking into the marijuana market. […]

The List Of Most Weed Consuming Cities Is Out And Indians Are High Up There

Weed is the absolute best. We’ve been told. We’ve never tried it. We promise. But despite its popularity and relatively low-risk levels compared to other drugs, weed remains quite illegal in India. In fact, weed is very much the “beef” of criminalised drugs. Because it’s very hard to make the authorities understand that there are already a […]

Forget Cocaine, Heroin And Weed, Chocolate Is The Newest Drug That People Are Getting High On

Do you like your crippling drug addiction with a side helping of diabetes? Then this has to be the product for you. Source Cocaine, Heroin and LSD have all had their time and are remembered fondly by people from all walks of life. From incarcerated prisoners to movie stars, many around the world have been […]

The 7 Types Of People You Will Definitely End Up Smoking Weed With In India

Smoking weed is fun…sometimes. Considering a majority of the Indian population either lives with their parents or in fear of their parents. Which means that they’re smoking in secret safe room where their parents can’t see them too clearly, or waiting desperately for their families and sanskaari roommates to go to sleep before they can […]

10 Countries That Smoke Most Of The Weed On The Planet

The legality of Marijuana is being discussed as we speak. It’s a plant with medicinal qualities that has been slotted with hard drugs and has thus, been criminalized in India. Here are the countries where the consumption of weed/marijuana is the highest. There are many countries that rewrote the cannabis law. There are countries that […]

WTF! Guest Houses In Malana Have Been Banned & Stoners Now Need A New Haven

Kya huaaaa. Tera waadaaa! “They see me rollin’, they hatin’.” If the Internet-lore was to be trusted, the above quote is by the one and only Amir Khusro. You can obviously contest that but what you can’t contest is the fact that these words have never been more accurate for a stoner. The villagers of […]

Sunny Deol’s Instagram Makes Us Jealous Of The Amazing Maal He Looks Like He’s Smoking

While most celebrities are using their Instagram accounts to post unnecessarily sexy pictures of themselves, there are some who are just excited to be there.  Sunny Deol’s Instagram is evidence of that fact. But what makes the guy so happy? Sunny Deol was before my time. I will never be able to appreciate the full […]

Waiting For Game Of Thrones? Watch This Funny Take On The Trailer That Will Make You Say Mithrones

Game Of Thrones, the TV show is going to air its 7th season this July. It’s one of the few shows which has managed to capture the hearts and minds of the fans worldwide. The fans are waiting anxiously on the fate of various houses, what Cersei will end up doing to the house of […]

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