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Juhi Chaturvedi, The Writer Behind Shoojit Sircar’s Fantastic ‘October’, Deserves Your Attention

In an industry obsessed with ‘stars’, Juhi has already made a niche for herself. October starts with a shot of the Delhi Metro on a winter morning. The camera then cuts to the beautiful ‘Shiuli’ flowers and the dew that shines on top of the lush grass outside Radisson Blue. While this might seem ordinary […]

Career Graphs Of Your Favorite Stars Since They Made Their Debut In Bollywood

One film can do wonders for the Bollywood actors and their¬†fans. Bollywood has always been about the survival of the fittest. The ones who have entered Bollywood recently are very experimental and have been accepted by the audience with open arms. In the past decade, we have only loved the wave of change with respect […]

Meet Banita Sandhu- Varun Dhawan’s Leading Lady In Shoojit Sircar’s ‘October’

Shoojit Sircar’s next film, curiously, is called October. Varun Dhawan is going to play the lead in the film. Not much is known about the film except the fact that it is a slightly romantic, slice-of-life kind of a film. We are even more curious to see the lead actress of the film. Her name […]

After Varun Dhawan’s E-Challan, Twitter Asks Mumbai Police To Take Action Against These Guys

Tera dhyaan kidhar hai, tera VIP culture idhar hai… VIP culture in India has become one of the biggest downsides to the ambition of our middle class. We look up to the rich and the powerful in our society and want to become one of the ‘elite’ at some point of time in our lives. […]

Mumbai Police Publicly Reprimands Varun Dhawan For His Traffic Selfie With A Fan

No matter who you are, for Mumbai Police you are just a citizen of Mumbai and if they find you disobeying rules, they’re going to come for you! Source Mumbai Police has taken a strict action against Varun Dhawan who decided to take an adventurous selfie with a fan who was sitting in an autorickshaw […]

7 Times Bollywood Actors Delivered Completely Unexpected Performances

Bollywood actors each have their own thing. Some have talent, some have abs, some have dads. Source But actors, like the rest of us average looking people, are not all equal. There are some who might exceed at dramatic roles that make you feel guilty about paying 250 for popcorn. Some are better at gyrating […]

Move Aside Parineeti And Varun – Amitabh Bachchan Is The Newest Face Of Lux

Lux is a brand that brings many images to mind. Banyans and fit men wearing them being the main ones. But there aren’t too many who would hear the word ‘Lux’ and immediately think ‘Amitabh Bachchan’. That’s about to change. Source The brand has reportedly signed on one of Bollywood’s most dignified actors as their […]

Varun Dhawan Backs Kangana’s Point On Nepotism; Says She Is Right To An Extent!

Speaking at the Jargan Cinema Summit, Varun Dhawan’s statement about Kangana came across as quite as a surprise. The actor who had openly mocked her during the Filmfare Awards is now supporting her views on Nepotism and stated that she is right to a certain extent. Source “To a certain extent what she (Kangana) is […]

Shoojit Sircar Lashes Out At A Journalist For Revealing Too Much About His Movie

Shoojit Sircar is certainly of the best directors that the industry has given us and his movies always manage to keep us attached to the story and understand the characters a little more than just actors doing their job. His movies are a perfect blend of human nature along with sensitive issues. Over the years […]

Varun Dhawan And Anu Malik Break Into ‘Unchi Hai Building’ Upon Bumping Into Each Other

Varun Dhawan is clearly on cloud 9 with the upcoming release of Judwaa 2. ¬†The movie is all set to release on 29th September and the audience is quite excited for it. The remake of the song ‘ Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara’ has already caught on and it seems like another one from […]

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