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The Trailer Of Mukkabaaz Is Another Reminder Why Anurag Kashyap Is A Cinematic Genius

The thing with Indian cinema is that it ceases to move forward every few years or so. Every time that happens, a new wave of filmmakers and artists emerge out of nowhere to stride the cinema forward. About 20 years ago, a youngster by the name of Anurag Kashyap tried to do the same. It […]

Kerala Tourism Just Trolled UP Tourism And Boy, It’s Impressive

The Taj Mahal has been covered with controversies and we have seen what has been going on. Looks like whoever manages the social media for Kerala tourism will definitely get a raise either today or tomorrow. The way they have trolled UP government for not including the Taj Mahal in their tourism booklet is quite […]

Taj Mahal Was Not Included In UP’s Tourism Booklet And Twitterati Is Fuming With Rage

 Taj Mahal was missing from Uttar Pradesh’s tourism booklet. On Monday, the tourism booklet for the state of Uttar Pradesh was released. The booklet included some of the tourist attractions in the city except The Taj Mahal. The booklet was published to mark the completion of six months of Cheif Minister Adityanath and the BJP […]

A School In Uttar Pradesh Is More Than Meets The Eye, Turns Into A Dance Bar After School Hours

People all across the nation are familiar with the Uttar Pradesh’s government’s firm stands on couples, eve teasing and beef. Which is why it is hilariously ironic that a government run primary school in the state turns into a dance bar when the sun goes down. Source A primary school in Mirzabad underwent heavy media […]

Aankhon Aankhon Mein – Uttar Pradesh Police Can Spot ‘Romeo’ Types By Looking Into Their Eyes

The latest election in Uttar Pradesh yielded relatively interesting if somewhat predictable insults. With the BJP’s landslide victory, their man Yogi Adityanath has done anything but renege on his promises. His anti-Romeo squads sprang into action earlier this week with the Uttar Pradesh police questioning over 900 young men. The nation remains divided on their role in […]

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