KRK Threatens To Commit Suicide And People Just Can’t Stop Encouraging Him

Can anybody explain why this man is famous again? KRK, best known for his questionable Twitter behaviour, has threatened to take his own like. Actor, director and self-proclaimed movie critic, the man has made a reputation for himself, for better or for worse. His Twitter account was suspended on 18th October as he had revealed […]

Whatsapp Went Down For 5 Minutes And Nobody Could Keep Their Calm

Well, maybe the world can live without oxygen for some time. But, Whatsapp leaving your hand for 5 minutes is an apocalypse nobody in this generation is prepared for! A few minutes back, Whatsapp went down for around 5 minutes and people lost their calm. Though it was just for 5 minutes, the world went […]

Could Ittefaq Be The Year’s First Successful Suspense Thriller? First Reviews Are Telling

Directed by Abhay Chopra, son of prolific Indian filmmaker Late Ravi Chopra, brings to us Ittefaq, a suspense thriller produced by Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar’s production houses. 2017’s Ittefaq is a remake of a 1969 movie with the same name. The film’s a suspense thriller which revolves around two eye-witnesses, both of whom […]

Modi And Rahul Gandhi Met, Stared And Twitter Had The Funniest Reaction To It

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi came face to face at the Parliament at a memorial event of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel‘s birth anniversary. The moment they met, they had an intense staredown and Twitter being Twitter couldn’t stop making fun of this image. Recently, Rahul Gandhi had posted that his pet pooch Pidi was handling his social […]

Sorabh Pant Asks The Twitterati To Find Out More About A Guy Who Threatened His Wife And They Delivered

When the sexual harassment news of Harvey Weinstein came around, many of the women came forward to talk about it. More than 60 women stood against the Hollywood mogul in just three weeks after the complaints of sexual harassment and misconduct by Mr. Weinstein were first reported. While the women stood up against this monstrous […]

RaGa Posted Video Of Him Training His Dog But Couldn’t Keep Twitter’s Reactions On A Leash

Rahul Gandhi just tweeted a video of his dog on Twitter on Sunday. For the record, we have nothing against the dog. Most people do better in life when they have a dog. Dogs make everything better right? Unless of course, you are Rahul Gandhi. In this case, even something as simple as training a […]

Sehwag Revealed His Favourite Dialogue From Mithun’s Cult Film Gunda, Hundreds Do The Same

The man who gave nightmares to some of the greatest bowlers of the world is, like you and me, a fan of Mithun Chakraborty’s cult masterpiece, Gunda. Virender Sehwag has been incredibly witty and entertaining on Twitter and we’ve lost count of the times his tweets went viral. However, the latest entry in Sehwag’s Twitter […]

Twitter Has Mixed Responses To This Woman’s Story Of Surviving Pregnancy With The National Anthem

There is much ado surrounding the National Anthem in Indian theatres. Especially since the SC has decreed that you need to stand up for it anymore. Source The decision has challenged many notions of nationality in the country. With a neat line right down the middle…What does it say about us if we’re not willing […]

Ola Cabs Sent Samosas To A Customer When He Joked About Their Cancellation Fee On Twitter

Samosas are so good. They make our lives better with their mere existence. Samosas can make anyone happy and that is the universal truth. But you know what makes absolutely nobody happy? Cancellation fees. It’s like an auto guy rejecting you and also taking 18 bucks from you before he leaves. Oh wait, that’s what […]

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