Karan Johar Introduced Parineeti Chopra As Akshay Kumar And The Jokes Are Worth It

One of the much talked about, upcoming projects of Bollywood include Karan Johar‘s Kesari that stars Akshay Kumar. The movie is based on the famous 1897 battle of Saragarhi, in which 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th regiment of the British army fought 10,000 Afghan invaders, perishing at last but winning the war. source While […]

Twitter Has Nothing Better To Do Than Troll Sonakshi Sinha For Wearing LED Shoes. WTF!

Twitter trolls Sonakshi Sinha for wearing LED Shoes. YEAH. REALLY!

Disha Patani Shamed On Her FB Page For Her Sensuous IIFA Awards Look

Disha Patani looked Stunning at the IIFA Awards 2017. The IIFA award ceremony that was held in New York was a star studded night. Indian Celebrities walked the green carpet in all their glory, looking phenomenal. These awards not only represent the critical aspect of Bollywood but also the style quotient of Bollywood celebs and […]

Aneri Vajani From ‘Beyhadh’ Gives It Back To The Haters For Being Skinny Shamed

Aneri Vajani, who is popularly recognized as Saanjh from Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon starrer ‘Beyhadh’, recently got body-shamed on Instagram. In the entertainment industry, there’s a constant pressure for the actors to have the perfect body figure and look fit. Even in the real world, if someone doesn’t adhere to certain standards of beauty […]

This Random Group Picture Getting Trolled Proves Twitter Spares No One!

In today’s time, posting something on Twitter is equivalent to walking on eggshells. Anything and everything can be trolled here and this group photo posted by a bunch of friends is an example of it. A group of friends, having a great time with each other could have never thought that their random group picture […]

Karan Johar Reponds To A Twitter Troller’s ‘Chhaka Comment’ In The Classiest Way Possible!

Barkha Dutt’s new venture ‘Mojo’ kickstarted with a town hall with Karan Johar. In the town hall meeting, they touched upon various topics of his life. From the kind of films to his sexual orientation to surrogacy and the very recent Kangana Ranaut controversy. The open discussion was a great insight into Karan Johar’s mind and […]

KRK Opened His Mouth Again, This Time Insulting Farmers And Twitter Was Ready To Troll!

For some people, trolling is a hobby! However, for Kamal Rashid Khan, getting trolled seems to be one. No matter what, the man is always ready to get some ripples in the tweeting world, the moment he opens his mouth, and usually, he is successful in his trolling stints, if getting attention is what is […]

One Stolen Tweet And ‘Spoke to my ex after 10 years’ Is Breaking The Internet All Of A Sudden!

When it comes to the world of Internet, it is always up for the most bizarre and unpredictable things ever. The internet can go crazy over things just like that and make the most inane ones worthy of breaking the net in no time at all. Recently a stolen tweet by a lady took the internet […]

Rahul Gandhi Opened His Mouth Once Again And Obviously Twitter Had A Laughter Riot!

When it comes to Rahul Gandhi, Twitter has a daily quota of trolling him. The politician has to simply speak a word and Twitter would do all that’s left! So much so, that sometimes we pity the poor chap! But it seems Rahul is a magnet to trolls since he makes sure his lack of […]

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