You Might Have Missed These 6 Cameo Appearances In Famous Bollywood Movies

Did you notice Shahid Kapoor in Dil Toh Pagal Hai? There are many cameos that made an impact on the audience like Irrfan Khan in Haider. Bollywood lovers, let’s test your memory? There are not many who noticed Nawazuddin Siddique in Sarfarosh and Munnabhai MBBS. Here are some blink and miss appearances by some superstars: […]

These 10 Indian States Are More Populated Than These 10 Countries

What if we told you that Germany is less populated than Andhra Pradesh? It’s 2017 and India is the second most populated country in the whole world. There are 1,349,701,245 humans in the 2,973,450 km sq area of our country. Some experts see India beating China and becoming the most populated country in the world very soon. You […]

These Little Known Facts From Your Favourite Bollywood Movies Will Make You Love Them Even More

There’s a story behind every Bollywood actor we love and every movie that we cherish and these are bound to leave you astonished!  Source We bring to you a collection of facts from the industry that’ll change the way you look at your favorite celebs and the movies they’ve worked in. 1) Waheeda Rahman has […]

Supermarkets Play These 7 Psychological Tricks And We Fall For Them Every Time

 Admit it, you love supermarkets despite the fact that grocery shopping is boring. If you want to learn how easy it is to manipulate a human, you go and visit a supermarket. They are vultures preying on our psychology and also earning money out of it. Don’t believe us? We noticed these 7 psychological tricks […]

Only Die Hard Hugh Jackman Fans Will Know These 10 Lesser Known Facts About Him

We know Hugh Jackman as the ever-popular Wolverine. And boy did he play the character gracefully! The movie Logan was the last time he reprised the role and we cannot imagine anyone else playing Wolverine. But as an actor, he is more than just Wolverine. He blew the audience away with his portrayal of Jean Valjean […]

15 Facts About International Brands You’ll Have A Hard Time Believing

Did you know Apple iPad’s retina display is manufactured by Samsung? It is impossible to know everything about everything. We can always try but we’ll always fail. In this endless spectrum of knowledge, it’s important to take care of the little details. There’s a reason big businesses spend hours in meeting rooms. Popular products we […]

Have You Ever Noticed Empty Spaces In Medicine Strips? Here’s The Reason Behind Them

Medicine packages can be of any size or shapes. Many times if you have noticed, medicine packages have empty spaces in them, that are air pumped and sealed but do not have a tablet in them. source These empty spaces often are placed at the edges of the medicine package and they are not just […]

Ever Wondered Why There Are 3 Stars On The Indian Cricket Team’s Jersey? The Reason Will Make You Proud

There are 3 stars on India’s ODI jersey and the reason is something to be proud of. India’s love for cricket is never ending and unconditional too. India is killing it this ODI season and we couldn’t be more proud of the men in blue! The amount of love and devotion we have towards the […]

This Is Why Judges Break The Nib Of Their Pen After Giving A Death Sentence

Over the world, in the legal system, approximately 56 countries still practice capital punishment when it comes to heinous crimes like murder and rape. Almost 103 countries have abolished the practice of giving a death note to the convicts for all the crimes. However,  it is a common practice for judges to break the nib of […]

We Bet You Missed These Historical References In The Baahubali Series

Baahubali series are phenomenal and have won a million hearts. Baahubali has been a huge success and is still running in theatres. Although it is a fine fictional masterpiece, there is a sense of familiarity to the glorious history. We spotted these 5 resemblances to Indian history we bet you missed while watching the series. […]

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