Humanity Hits A New Low As ‘Asifa’ Emerges As A Trending Keyword For An Adult Website

India is way more fucked up than we seem to imagine. And this is beyond pathetic. Every time I read up an incident which puts humanity to shame, I think of all the things that are attached to our glorious past. How has a country that boasts of such immense history come to terms with […]

Ladies, If You Are A Man Down This V-Day, This Guy Can Be Your Pretend Boyfriend

Single women who feel let down about having no date for the Valentine’s, there is a solution available

12 Of The Most Useless Things That Trended On Our Social Media In 2017

2017 is officially coming to an end and we are all gearing up for a brand new year ahead. Though the year 2017 has been one roller coaster ride, things sometimes did surface up and take over the social media with a storm. From fidget spinners to Kangana and Hrithik fighting like racoons, we have […]

‘Climbing An Invisible Box’ Is Sweeping The Internet And This 16 Year Old Shows How It’s Done

The Internet works in strange ways. We don’t really know when what will start trending, or why it will start trending! But one thing is for sure, it keeps us entertained. And also pays the bills of people like me. But I digress. So, the latest, pointless, trend on the internet is this ‘invisible box’ […]

Twitter Responds To The Gauri Lankesh Controversy With #BlockNarendraModi

The murder of Gauri Lankesh shook the nation. The anti-establishment journalist had written about various people in power and was consequently shot dead outside her house in Bangalore. As per the news, this was a cold blooded assassination with the culprits still on loose. This incidence was widely spoken about on the social media. The […]

This Couple Got Caught Kissing In Public And Twitter Is Not Forgiving Them

Twitter shames this couple indulging in some good hearted PDA. Why Twitter why?! Public Display Of Affection (PDA) is a controversial thing, mostly because we chose to make it so. Some swear by it, some swear off it. This battle will be a perpetual thing in India. If you’ve ever wanted to have some quiet time […]

This Guy Talking About Mystical Powers Of Cows Seems Too Funny To Be Real!

Things in this country are getting weirder day by day. It seems we don’t really have legit knowledge about biology or how animals function. From peacocks reproducing asexually through tears to now this. This guy from Kerala has some pretty radical things to say about cows. What he has to say will astound you. The […]

This Sikh Student’s Inspirational Graduation Speech About Unity Is What We Need In This Trump Era

Angad Singh Padda recently graduated from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. It was all that he wished for and dreamed for – an American dream. He is one of the many Indian students who went to America to study and one of the few who left the mark. As he was called upon the stage […]

YouTube Sensation Dhinchak Pooja In An Interview Says A Concert And Bollywood Music Are On Her Wishlist

Most of us have imagined a scenario where we are famous and being interviewed by a hotshot talk show host. We soon realize we possess no such talent that shall give us fame and fortune and accept that this said scenario will never happen. Not Dhinchak Pooja though. She is deluded. Her ‘Selfie maine le li […]

Virat Kohli And MS Dhoni Beat Serena Williams To Hold Coveted Spot In ESPN 100 Most Famous Athletes In The World List

It is an understatement to say Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are popular in India. Their popularity is not just restricted to this nation. ESPN recently released the biggest names in world sports and guess who beat Serena Williams and Louis Hamilton? MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. The list is derived by calculating the social […]

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