Virat Kohli And Cristiano Ronaldo Act Together In This Weirdly Uneasy Advertisement About Travel Bags

Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar. Kohli, Cristiano aur travel bags. In a recent interview with the NDTV, Kohli himself had said that he sees himself more as a Cristiano Ronaldo than Lionel Messi, especially from the skill point of view. It is, infact, true. Cristiano Ronaldo has overcome a towering Messi through […]

10 Best Places On Earth With The Clearest Skies To Go Stargazing

These stars will literally light up your night.

Russian Man Took Off Socks In Flight, Ended Up Getting Stabbed

Feeling too lazy to do the laundry? Well, I’d suggest you at least make sure you wash your socks because, dirty socks, my friend, can get you stabbed.  Source The incident happened in Russia when two individuals who boarded a plan got into a fight as one of them wore socks that wouldn’t stop stinking. […]

Some Of The Most Fascinating Places On Earth That You’re Not Allowed To Visit

Who doesn’t want to see every nook and corner of this planet? Once you’ve traveled, you are hit by the travel bug. You need only one moment that makes you fall in love with this magnificent planet. And after that moment you’ll want to see every little part of it. Then there are places you […]

10 Villages Of India That Might Be Far More Developed Than The City You Live In!

India is progressing towards becoming a developed nation. However, we cannot touch the pinnacle of development if the rural India is ignored. A massive part of India’s population resides in its villages and rural areas are becoming an important markup when deciding India’s progress. While cities and metropolitans try to create a fast-paced lifestyle, rural […]

World’s Most Futuristic Library Just Opened In China And It Looks Too Good To Be True

The future is here. China is making reading epic again.  The Tianjin Binhai Library features five floors, with about 1.2 million books across the circular architecture. The Tianjin Binhai Library is spread across 362,744 square feet space in the Binhai Cultural Center. A product of the Dutch firm MVRDV, it houses a book in every nook and cranny. […]

If You’re Looking For A Romantic Getaway, Mussoorie Is The Place For You!

I was first introduced to Mussoorie when I read Ruskin Bond’s story  “The Cherry Tree” in school. All of Bond’s work was greatly inspired by his home in the hills, and you’ll see that he wasn’t lying about the loveliness of this little hill town the minute you arrive. Breathing in the cold, crisp mountain […]

This Couple Gets Paid To Travel And Is Living The Life Most Of Us Only Dream Of!

Back in 2012, Jack Morris quit his 9 to 5 job, packed his bag and booked a one-way flight to Bangkok. He worked as a carpet cleaner and had £ 3000 saved. Jack, 26, is originally from London, but now lives in Indonesia and is a full-time traveller and social media influencer. He lived for about 5 […]

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