Tom Cruise

These Amazing Facts About The Mission Impossible Franchise Will Surely Make You Want To Watch All Of Them Again

Mission: Impossible has become a part and parcel of Hollywood as we know it. One of the biggest stars in the world – Tom Cruise, performs death defying stunts and that theme manages to capture the imagination of us all. MI is truly a summer spectacle to behold. The Mission Impossible franchise has been successful […]

Mission Impossible’s Theme Song Is The Coolest Thing To Have Come Out Of The 90s

Movie soundtracks have always been an integral part of the cinema viewing experience. They often elevate fantastic storytelling to a degree where even coming across similar music takes us back to the sheer joy we felt during the movie. And if there’s one iconic soundtrack to have come out of the 90s, it’s the Mission […]

Mahesh Babu Fans Are Hijacking Tom Cruise’s FB Post To Show Who’s The Real Action Star

It was a wonderful day in office as I was browsing through my Facebook to look at numerous memes and dreams. Then I came across a picture on Tom Cruise’s Facebook page. Here’s the image: I clicked on the image to see if people were talking trash about the new Mission Impossible movie. And then […]

Watch Now : Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’ Trailer Teaser Is Out!

The action-packed horror thriller, ‘The Mummy’ has returned, and this time it’s a woman! The trailer teaser.was released yesterday by Universal Cinematic Monsters Universe. Check it out for yourselves: ‘The Mummy’ is the first installment of The Mummy Trilogy spin-off by Stephen Sommers and Rob Cohen. The movie is directed by Alex Kurtzman, it will be Kurtzman’s second directorial […]

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