The” You Have Two Cows” Theory Used To Explain 11 Sites And Apps We All Use

So you’ve probably heard of the two cows theory by this point in your life. If you haven’t, shame on you. Source It is a simple metaphor used to explain complicated concepts. It began when people would explain the functioning of different political systems using two cows. Take for example, Communism: You have two cows. […]

You’ll Definitely Swipe Right To These Funny Tinder Profiles Women Have Set Up In India

Tinder is definitely one of the weirdest places on the internet. A bunch of single guys flock to this app hoping to get some action or find a girlfriend only to be engulfed in a loop of no matches found and that awful notification that asks you to get Tinder plus. If you’ve suffered from […]

10 Brutally Honest Tinder Bios That’ll Have You Swipe Right With Laughter

So as I’ve said countless of times before, my stint on Tinder turned out to be pretty disappointing. A lot of people out there were just pretending to be someone they thought they had to be in order to get a right swipe. It got so annoying after a point I just gave up tindering. […]

Tinder Ek Prem Katha Is The Veer-Zaara Love Story That 2017 Deserves

Tinder is ruining modern dating. Which is pretty much what any romantic advice column/ friend with good sense will tell you. Source But, it would probably be a good option for people who genuinely have limited opportunities to meet each other. Like the characters from the short story – Tinder: Ek Prem Katha. Theirs is […]

Better Than Tinder? This Dating App Lets You Date Celebrity Lookalikes!

Bored of dating common people? Tinder getting repetitive for you? Well, look no further. Dating app Badoo lets you date celebrity lookalikes. All you’ve got to do, is tell them your favorite celebrities. Using a facial recognition technology, the app shows you users with similar facial features as your favorite celebrities. It runs the same […]

Oops! I Accidentally Left-Swiped Someone On Tinder Who Could Have Been The One!

Let me be upfront about one thing: I’m an old-fashioned girl, and pretty much technologically challenged. I write letters to people when I like them. I bake cupcakes when I love them. And Tinder…makes me uncomfortable. I never really expected to find true love on an online dating app, but I did hope it would […]

Check Out These Hilarious Politician Accounts On Tinder!

So Tinder is basically an application where you mention your interests, put up a picture, give your introduction and then meet people with the same qualities and you know, look for compatibility and all of that. It’s pretty popular among our generation but what if our Politicians opened an account on Tinder? How would you […]

Gleeden Is A New App Launching In India That Helps Couples Have Extra-Marital Affairs

Cheating is a big no-no in India. I mean Karan Johar made a movie about it, so it has to be a big deal right? Marriages are seen as a match made in heaven. So much so that you’re apparently stuck with the same idiot for 7 lifetimes. And even though divorce is slowly catching up […]

This Girl Ended Up On A Date With A 97 Year Old Man, What Happened Next Made Her Delete Her OkCupid Profile!

We are the ‘Tinder’ generation where love is just a swipe away and if it works, Kudos, if it doesn’t swipe again! Now when we live in the blind date era, chances are there is much more to what’s visible to the eye. The same happened with Priya who was browsing through some profiles on […]

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