Baahubali Villain Rana Daggubati All Set To Be A Part Of Marvel’s Upcoming Infinity War

Infinity War is all set to be the one film friends will never forgive you for missing out on. Source It brings together the best and brightest from all of Marvel’s best and some not-so-best characters to one screen. it’s rare that a film shouldn’t have to market itself aggressively but this one really doesn’t. […]

15 Hilarious Reactions The Internet Has Had About ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

Not since Kim Kardashian balanced a wine glass on her butt has the internet been broken to this many tiny fragments of reactions. The reason? This little known indie kinda movie called The Avengers or something. You may have heard of it if you’ve interacted with people since last night. So, when I say it […]

A Completely Illogical List Of People Who Could Be The Next Wolverine

Things you need to read this article:  Open mindset. If you don’t have it, do not proceed.ABORT! It is a pretty well-known fact that Hugh Jackman won’t be playing Wolverine ever again. He carried the character on his shoulders for nearly two decades. He established the world of X-men and Wolverine with his stellar acting […]

Thor Ragnarok Has A Whole New Look – New Promotional Images Leave Us Wanting More

The Marvel Cinematic Universe can do no wrong. They’ve been raking in acclaim and cash right from Iron Man 1 and are in no way looking to stop now, Their latest venture, Doctor Strange, grossed 677,361,646 USD worldwide and they are showing no sign of stopping anytime soon. Thor Ragnarok is out to prove this. […]

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