PM Modi Visits Switzerland And The Memes Are Falling Like Snow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at Davos, Switzerland for World Economic Forum.

You Would Be Surprised To Know What These 10 Countries Are Number 1 At!

We all love our respective nations and would want it to be at the top of the best things. India is progressively turning towards becoming a developed nation and is right now one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, the world is full of nations that have their goods and the bads. […]

This Man Got So Stressed Out With His Day To Day Life, He Decided To Become A Goat

Life is pretty sucky, right? You travel for an hour to a job you may or may not love. If you hate it, shit. If you love it, your day will inevitably be ruined by the woman on the train whose elbow has fallen in love with your face. You may have love problems, digestion […]

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