Suyash Dixit

Remember ‘King Suyash’? He Solved His First International Crisis With Only A Phone Call

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard of Suyash Dixit, the man who proclaimed himself the king of Bir Tawil and named his land as ‘Kingdom Of Dixit’.¬† Source Dixit took to Facebook to let the world know about his conquest with the complete background story and pictures. Here’s what […]

Indian Guy Found A Land That Belongs To No Country And Claimed It As His Own Kingdom

Because who doesn’t want to rule and be a king someday? This guy became the ruler of a country, we’re not messing with you. An Indian guy owns a piece of land near Egypt now. He calls it the Kingdom of Dixit. This is quite a proud moment we guess? Bharat ka naam¬†roshan kar raha […]

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