Superwoman Is Helping Her Fans Fulfill their Life Goals By Paying For Education

Don’t we all love Lily Singh who has been sharing the message of ‘One Love’ and ‘Unicorns’ as ‘Superwoman’ on Youtube for a while now? Source Lily, who has been declared as the highest earning female Youtuber by Forbes is thanking her fans for their love in the most genuine way and we couldn’t help […]

Smriti Irani Tweets About Lilly Singh And Twitter Handles It Like A ‘Bawse’

When our parent’s joined WhatsApp, it took much of our effort to make them understand not just the process but also the lingo. My mom used to call me and ask me what does ‘LOL’, ‘ASAP’  meant! We are used to educating our parents on how to ‘Facebook’ or ‘YouTube’, there are certain instances which make us […]

Lilly Singh Plays ‘Jinx’ With Jimmy Fallon Like A Bawse!

We all know Superwoman aka Lilly Singh is extremely talented. Lilly is a youtube sensation, an actress and now an author with her book ‘How To Be A Bawse: A Guide To Conquering Life.’ She is already on a world tour for her book and yes, she is coming to India too. It's 6:30am EST […]

Why Celebrate Women Only Once A Year?

The history of celebrating Women’s day goes back to least a century in time. The UN describes International Women’s Day, March 8th, as  ‘a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.’ In around 26 countries the day has been declared as an official holiday for women from 2017 onwards. In […]

‘Superwoman’ Lily Singh’s Video Perfectly Depicts ‘If People Were Honest At Work’

Every working person has to put in a lot of effort at his/her workspace, especially pretending to like people around when you actually can’t stand them. We say things we don’t want to, we pretend to like few people against our will to maintain a friendly environment. Imagine, if just for a day, everyone was honest about what […]

Lilly Singh Talks About The 5 Lessons She’s Learned On Her Travels!

Lilly Singh or iiSuperwomanii as she’s more popularly known as, is travelling all over the world on her mission to make people laugh. Suffice it to say, she travels a lot when she isn’t making hilarious Youtube videos. And judging from her recent posts, she both loves and hates it. What about you? Do you […]

Priyanka Chopra Collaborated With Superwoman And We Can’t Get Enough!!

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (YouTube legend) has been collaborating with many celebs, friends, YouTubers over the years. This December she had a series of collaborations as Christmas special. She is one of the most humble, hilarious, and inspiring person to watch. Her videos are extremely relatable and I absolutely love her. #girllove Superwoman just uploaded […]

Celebrate Videos, People, Music And Moves of 2016 With YouTube Rewind!

Youtube Rewind: the ultimate throwback video fo 2016 is here! Every favorite meme, YouTube star, the biggest music hits, the videos that went viral all year is featured in the video. Major Lazer has composed the remix for this year rewind’s soundtrack. The video starts with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson saying,’ Bring it On’. Followed with, […]

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