Career Graphs Of Your Favorite Stars Since They Made Their Debut In Bollywood

One film can do wonders for the Bollywood actors and their fans. Bollywood has always been about the survival of the fittest. The ones who have entered Bollywood recently are very experimental and have been accepted by the audience with open arms. In the past decade, we have only loved the wave of change with respect […]

These 10 Bollywood Superstars Are Not Known By Their Real Names

Even the greatest actor to have ever been born in the country had to change his name to cater to the unspoken norms of the time. Did you know Dilip Kumar’s real name is Mohammad Yusuf Khan? There are many who adopted a screen name before entering the glamour-infused industry named Bollywood. The name game […]

You Might Have Missed These 6 Cameo Appearances In Famous Bollywood Movies

Did you notice Shahid Kapoor in Dil Toh Pagal Hai? There are many cameos that made an impact on the audience like Irrfan Khan in Haider. Bollywood lovers, let’s test your memory? There are not many who noticed Nawazuddin Siddique in Sarfarosh and Munnabhai MBBS. Here are some blink and miss appearances by some superstars: […]

Meet The Yesteryear Superstars Who Ruled Bollywood During The 70’s and 80’s

Ever wondered how the superstars of Bollywood looked in the 70’s and 80’s? The ones who ruled Bollywood during the 70’s and 80’s are loved for their work even today. Back in the 80’s, Bollywood was having the best time. There were movies we can still watch and the superstars we adore till this date. Movies […]

20 Photos From Behind The Scenes Of Your Favorite Bollywood Movies

We have only seen the magic Bollywood creates on the screen. Who doesn’t remember this scene? We wonder how much time they must have taken to get the shot right. Bollywood has been a part of every Indian’s life. We know the songs, we love the dialogues, and we idolize the superstars! There is so […]

How Your Favorite Bollywood Superstars Looked Before The Magic Happened

Have you ever imagined how the ones who rule Bollywood looked like before we knew them? All the superstars of today were just like us back in the day. They make us believe that with hard work, one can do wonders and we look up to them.  Bollywood has many stories to tell but we […]

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