Suniel Shetty

10 Unintentionally Funny Comments You Will Only Find On Indian Actors’ Pictures

Bollywood actors lead a pretty charmed life right? Source They have money, gym memberships and get to eat at the kind of restaurants where food is served on tiny plates. But not everything about being a movie star is easy. There are moments where they must truly be questioning the world around them. Some of […]

These 10 Bollywood Celebs And Their Ventures That You Probably Never Knew

If you are thinking that Bollywood celebs are just interested in acting and movie projects then you are wrong. Most of the celebrities have certain endorsements, events, social media sponsored posts, if nothing else. There are people with sharp acting skills and sharper business minds. They grab all the limelight on the screen and also laugh […]

14 Bollywood Celebs Who Have Aged Gracefully Over The Years

They say youthfulness doesn’t last. They say age catches up with beauty. Age is just a number and nobody can prove it right more than these Bollywood celebrities who are still in the industry for the past decades. In fact, like old wine, they just seem to be getting better with age. Here are all the celebs […]

Suniel Shetty’s Dialogue From Dhadkan Has Been Given The Meme Treatment And There Is No Telling How Far Twitter Will Take It

There is nothing Indians on Twitter love more than memes and Bollywood. Regardless of time and weather, There is always a minute to spare and make unnecessary jokes that will make this country laugh again. The latest star to receive this treatment is Suniel Shetty, whose movie “Dhadkan” will now forever be remembered as “woh […]

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