Why Are Students Being Discriminated In IIT Bombay On The Basis Of Food?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article belong to the author and not to DailySocial. Any offence caused by the article should be directed to the author’s inbox. She welcomes criticism (on weekdays). Social media has engaged in a furious debate as a hostel in IIT-Bombay has asked non-vegetarian students to not use ‘main plates’ […]

Rejoice ICSE And ISC Students, Your Minimum Passing Percentage Has Been Lowered

The dark black clouds have taken over as board examinations dates have been announced! Source It’s time for you all to stop being on social media and bury your head in your books but well, now that you are here, we might as well give you a good news.¬† Source Well, if you belong to […]

Shocking Video From Students Of IIT Kharagpur Shows The Flaws Of The Indian Education System

The students of IIT Kharagpur have made this eye-opening video about the state of affairs in their college and the alleged apathy shown by the office administration towards the mental health of students. Nikhil Bhatia, a student of IIT Kharagpur, recently lost his life under questionable circumstances. According to the students and eye-witness accounts, he […]

10 Of The World’s Toughest Exams All Of Us Would Collectively Fail At

Exams are great right? No. No they’re not. But they’re required to know just how many useless details children can cram into their tiny heads. Because god knows, we can’t just give kids a vocational education and be done with it. No. We insist on making them memorize the capitals of random places and they […]

13-Year-Olds From Tamil Nadu Use Plastic Bottles To Design Low Cost Urinals For Their School

Children often keep falling sick. Sometimes it’s just to bunk classes, other times it due to their lack of hygiene and extreme exposure to all sorts of germs. For the students of¬†Panchayat Union Middle School, Kurumbapatty, however, falling sick had become an everyday affair. Students were always complaining of nausea, fever or a stomach ache […]

This College Trains The Visually Impaired For A Career In The Perfume Industry

The visually impaired are more likely to possess a heightened smelling ability in comparison with the normally sighted. There are approximately 39 million visually impaired people in the world and the majority 15 million in India. In India there is a 3 % reservation for the disabled, the employment opportunities aren’t enough. With the College […]

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