Student Of The Year

12 Bollywood Movies That Perfectly Describe All Your Horrible Exes

So we’ve all been in relationships, right? *radio silence* Well, we can hope. But for the lucky ones who have found people who are willingly happy to get naked with them, they’ve definitely been through a lot of stress and drama. Because nobody ever said love would be easy. Or cheap. But after all the […]

Guys, We Need To Talk About The Fuckall Twist At The End Of Student Of The Year

Disco Diwane toh theek hai but parwaane aur mastaane kidhar hai? I’m generally not that uptight when it comes to Bollywood. A Tiger Zinda Hain excites me as much as a Newton did. There’s no such thing as bad Bollywood, but some movies are so awful that I can’t even watch the entire thing. One […]

10 Photos Of Sidharth Malhotra Before He Became ‘A Gentleman’

‘A Gentleman’ is all set to release on 25th August. Sidharth Malhotra has come a long way since his modeling days. He is busy with promotions of A Gentleman and shooting Aiyaary and the Ittefaq remake. Not many know that he was going to debut in Bollywood with Priyanka Chopra in ‘Fashion‘. That didn’t happen because of […]

10 Things You Are Bound To Find In A ‘Karan Johar’ Movie

Dance, drama, fashion, fun and frolic, Karan Johar’s movies are always a platter of all things Bollywood. They have it all- The endless drama that makes you laugh and cry, a roller coaster emotional ride that keeps your handkerchief right there in your hand, perfect Bollywood numbers ranging from perfect Aartis to Disco songs. Everything wrapped […]

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