Stranger Things

10 Iconic Dialogues From Stranger Things That Sound Bitchin’ When Translated Into Hindi

Great things sound a bit different in the language that you know. For example Stranger Things. The show created a hype worldwide when it released its second season on Netflix. Everything got much better in the second season, the plot was complex and every character got more breathing space. However, there is also one thing that […]

13 Things People Have Said After Watching The 2nd Season Of Stranger Things

Now, because they can’t go on Tweeting about how long they need to wait for season 2, they’ll Tweet about season 2 and the stream is endless.

5 Netflix Series To Binge On This Weekend For Folks With No Plans

Ah.. the weekends are here. If you happen to be one of the unlucky (or lucky, whichever you prefer) with no plans outdoors, this is your time to catch up on some awesome shows on Netflix. Chill out with your favorite snacks and take a pick of these series, and get bingeing. 1.Master of None […]

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