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Varun Grover Perfectly Summarises How Offence Ka Lena Dena Should Be A National Sport

Varun Grover has made his mark in the Indian stand-up circuit with his astute observations about the most banal aspects of our society. He has been unapologetic-ally anti-establishment and hasn’t pulled his punches against those in power. The National award winning writer, had taken on the Karni Sena with regards to their outrage over Padmaavat […]

Varun Grover’s Take On Padmaavat Is Something You Can Watch Without Being Insured

Varun Grover has made his name in the Hindi film industry as a fantastic writer and lyricist. With Aisi Taisi Democracy, he has become one of the most recognizable faces in the stand-up scene as well. Recently, he had something to say about the controversy surrounding the release of a movie Padmaavat that has apparently […]

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