Here’s How Twitter Is Trolling Rahul Gandhi’s Speech At UC In Berkeley!

Rahul Gandhi is on a two-week visit to the United States of America where he will be interacting with global leaders and politicians. He addressed the students at the University of California, Berkeley and spoke on ‘India at 70: Reflections on the Path Forward’. His speech included issues like GST, demonetization, violence and corruption in […]

Here Are 7 Funny And Witty Quotes From Shahrukh Khan’s First Ever Ted Talk

Ted Talks is famous for its motivational and inspirational speeches around the world. Shah Rukh Khan charmed a TED Conference crowd. He was loved by everyone and was called the funniest speaker by the audience at Vancouver. The mega superstar was the first Bollywood actor to deliver a speech at TED Talks in Canada. He will soon be […]

These Tweets Show That Barack Obama Was Truly People’s Choice

Barack Obama was America’s president for 8 years. In his term, he chose science, education, and gender equality. He was the man who finally avenged 9/11, made gay marriage legal and ensured health care for all Americans. Today, in his farewell speech, he talked about hope, faith, and unity. “Every American who lived and breathed […]

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