Stories Behind The Brand Names Of 8 World Famous Technology Companies

What’s in a name? A whole fucking lot. Because nobody, absolutely nobody is in going to fall in love with a product that sounds awful. Which is why brands put a whole lot of effort and money into making their products sound as good as they are and nowhere is this truer than in the […]

Lata Mangeshkar Is Upset About Kapil Sharma’s Show Going Off Air, Wishes Him Speedy Recovery

Often referred to as the Nightingale of India – Lata Mangeshkar – is a big fan of comedian Kapil Sharma. The legendary singer is apparently upset to learn that ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has been taken off air. Recently, there were many cancellations made by the comedian and there were rumours that he couldn’t handle […]

This Is Going To Be The Best Movie Of 2017 But Sadly, Nobody Is Talking About It

We’re less than a month away from Sony’s elusive adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, so naturally the studio is starting to do some marketing behind the would-be blockbuster. The premise is easy to understand—the good guy has to stop the bad guy from destroying the tower or else hell will be unleashed—and moreover, […]

Naam Mein Kuch Kaala – 15 Of The Stupidest Episode Titles CID Could Come Up With

CID was a show India watched a lot of. We couldn’t resist the siren call of terribly acted, terribly directed and incredibly entertaining show. But there was more to the show than glaring medical inaccuracy. It was about India coming together so we had something to discuss in school the next day. But there were […]

Sony patents contact lens that is blink powered and can record video!

Contact lenses companies have been focusing on improving vision and providing an elevate reality HUD. But Sony is one step ahead, their new patent describes a contact lens that can be controlled by the user’s deliberate blinks, recording video on request. The lens is embedded with sensors which can detect the difference between voluntary and involuntary […]

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