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10 Women Who Changed The Landscape Of Bollywood We Seem To Have Forgotten

All the qualified ladies, put your hands up! From science and technology to art and literature, mankind has made a lot of progress. And women have been a huge part of that. Bollywood is no exception. From acting to directing and everything in between, there’s been no shortage of talented women both in front of […]

Sonu Nigam’s AIDS Awareness Song From The 90’s Will Make You Disown The 90s

Such Awareness. Much Wow. Guys and girls, this is a legit song even though we don’t want it to be. This is an actual song and dude, it’s Sonu Nigam. There are three Sonu Nigams in the video and we really want to know what they were smoking. The lyrics are out of the world. […]

Sonu Nigam Has Rendered A Soul Stirring Version Of One Of The Greatest Songs Of Our Generation – Dilon Ka Shooter

DP can mean a lot of things – double penetration, Deepika Padukone, whatever. But in 2017, a new star has risen, Dhinchak Pooja. Source Yep. This superstar. The artist behind evergreen hits such as “Daru”, “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj” and “Dilon Ka Shooter” has made a name for herself. She has a fairly large following on […]

Sonu Nigam Quits Twitter, Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s Account Got Suspended And Paresh Rawal Was Asked To Delete His Tweet

Here’s what exactly happened. Paresh Rawal had tweeted earlier, “Instead of tying stone pelter on the jeep, tie Arundhati Roy”. A month ago, in Kashmir, a civilian was tied in front of an army jeep as an attempt to stop stone pelters throw stones on them. His tweet was a result of Arundhati’s known stance on […]

#MonthlyWraps: Things That Went Viral In April

Here’s a 5 minute round up of all the things that went viral this April. Akshay Kumar Source Akshay Kumar won National Award for the first time. He was considered as best performance for Airlift and Rustom. Since, only one role could be won, Rustom it was. The win was controversial since Priyadarshan was the jury member and […]

These Old Videos Of Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan and Modi Show That They Beg To Differ On Azaan

Azaan is an Islamic call for Prayer. Sonu Nigam wasn’t too happy with the noise pollution and created a controversy. Although he clarified that his twitter rant was not specific to Muslims, he still got an ugly backlash that also involved a Maulvi probing Sonu Nigam to shave his hair off. While Sonu Nigam was at the extreme […]

Shahi Imam Mocks Sonu Nigam And Threatens To Declare A Fatwa Against Him

How easy is it to offend Indians? Just say something on religion and you will have people abusing/trolling you for having an opinion. As a democratic country, we have a right to express an opinion without getting scared of what will happen if we say something that is not diplomatic. Sonu Nigam tweeted expressing his […]

Maulvi Offers 10 Lakhs To Sonu Nigam For Shaving His Head And The Singer Has Accepted The Challenge

India might have its freedom of expression, but we just don’t get people get away with tweeting anything they want to! When Sonu Nigam had a complaint against noise pollution through ‘forced religiousness’, we clearly were more interested in the initial part of the tweet and so another clash of religions was up! And let’s […]

After The Snapchat Snapdeal Fiasco, Twitter Trolls Sonu Sood About Sonu Nigam’s Comment And He Seems Really Confused

Imagine waking up one peaceful morning, the sun is shining – because it’s India. You think it’s going to be a great day. And suddenly your Twitter feed is full of people who are insisting that you have made a comment about the status of religious propaganda in this country. If that’s happened to you, […]

Sonu Nigam Tweets About ‘Forced Religiousness’ After Waking Up To Azaan, Twitter Isn’t Happy

Sonu Nigam has found himself surrounded by flak from his fans for his recent tweet on Azaan. Unable to sleep because of Azaan, he expressed his dislike to be woken up like that and called it gundagiri. He wrote, “God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan […]

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