Sonia Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi To Fast For 5 Hours, Twitter Roasts Him In Less Than Half The Time

We’ll say this much about Rahul Gandhi, the guy really can’t catch a break. While he might be armed to refute critics who poke holes in his policies and sometimes misguided maneuvers, what he will never be equipped enough for is the sass that comes his way everytime┬ásocial media gets involved. Source Take today for […]

Unlike BJP, Twitter Won The Gujarat Elections In An Absolute Landslide Of Dumb Jokes

So the BJP won. Source After all the news coverage and the speculation and debate, the BJP won the Gujarat Elections as well as Himachal Pradesh, leaving only 4 states in India where their foothold remains unestablished. After clashes and countless debates that ranged from news studios to your dinner table, the two states ultimately […]

Did You Know? There Is A Sonia Gandhi Temple In Telangana!

It is one thing to idolize your favorite politician. And a whole other thing to actually worship the idol of your favorite politician. But unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened in Karimnagar, Telangana, where there is an actual Sonia Gandhi temple! No, we are not kidding. Even though we wish we were.┬áTo express their […]

Twitter Trolls Rahul Gandhi After He Announces His Discussion On Artificial Intelligence In The US

It’s been a while since our country collectively mocked Rahul Gandhi… Source Which is why it’s nice to see a country come back into its own and troll the hell out of him. The last election saw Gandhi very much at the mocked end of things. With citizens and the media taking his every word […]

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