This Artist Beautifully Unmasks The Society With His Illustrations Revealing Its Darker Side

The best about Art is, it says a lot of things without making any noise and that is exactly what these illustrations by Al Margen do. We don’t really know who Al Margen is or whether he’s a man or a woman but what we know is, he/she looks at the society with a very […]

People On The Internet Exposed Everyday Hypocrisy Of Our Lives And It’s Brilliant!

The current world is full of double standards and we often don’t talk about it because it disrupts the peace. Some of them are visible to us throughout the day and some of them are things we grow up with. Men shamed for crying, women being called bitches for being successful and so many more. […]

2017 Was Such A Bad Year That Bill Gates Found Inspiration In ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’

This year has been a roller-coaster ride for hindi movies. While at one point in time we are surrounded by controversies and regressive opinions, on the other hand, we have movies which are creating awareness and inspiring people. Source Akshay Kumar has been doing some wonderful movies of late. His upcoming movie, Padman, is about the taboos surrounding menstruation, and sanitary […]

10 Tragic Events That Changed The Course Of Modern Indian History

Unfortunately, there have been many tragedies since India’s independence. As a country, we need to be a progressive nation not only in technology but the mindset of the country also needs to change. The way Indians think needs to change. In the past, tragedies have hit us and we have braved it only for the […]

Sorabh Pant Asks The Twitterati To Find Out More About A Guy Who Threatened His Wife And They Delivered

When the sexual harassment news of Harvey Weinstein came around, many of the women came forward to talk about it. More than 60 women stood against the Hollywood mogul in just three weeks after the complaints of sexual harassment and misconduct by Mr. Weinstein were first reported. While the women stood up against this monstrous […]

Remember The Face Behind ‘The Blowjob Girl’ Meme From Italy? This Twitter Thread Tells Us What Happened To Her!

Keeping the current scenario in mind, I assume it is safe to say that we live in a very sexist society where we have certain tags defined for both genders. Without giving it any second thought, we believe that women are supposed to behave in a way that is more acceptable and are also the […]

These Indian Celebrities Have Been Doing Social Service Without Shouting It Out Loud To The Media

Celebrities all over the world are constantly under the media’s scrutiny. Their love-hate relationship with the paparazzi is what makes their every move transparent to the world. Also, with the public influence that these celebrities have, many times they take to social service and make sure that the world knows about them doing their bit […]

The ‘Blue Whale Game’ Is A Psychological Manipulation And It Needs To Stop!

The ‘Blue Whale Game’ is getting the undeserved attention that only led to an increase in the number of people getting involved in it. With information about it being so easily available, teenagers who were vulnerable ventured towards this game seeking thrill and eventually losing their lives. It is nothing but a well-planned sadist mind trying […]

Censor Board Orders To Trim “Hindu India”, “Cow” From Amartya Sen Documentary, Twitter Flames Up

Dr. Amartya Sen is a well-known economist and Nobel Laureate in India and recently a documentary made on him is suffering in the hands of the CBFC. The censor board that is known to flame controversies bases on its illogical and sometimes biased censors, is back in news for another irrelevant demand. The documentary is […]

A Video Of This Beggar With A Hot Girlfriend Is Shocking Everyone On The Streets

The practice of begging on Indian streets has become a nuisance. Although most of us know that it is just like another business making money, we still give in. Because guilt is stronger. Or maybe we like getting duped by beggars. This beggar, however, is duping people into something entirely different. He walks around the […]

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