Here’s What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality!

Sleep is certainly one of the most important aspects of human life but what we might not know is apart from providing rest to our mind and body, our sleeping pattern also explains a lot about our personality. The way we sleep is actually a very subconscious choice but it holds a lot of facts […]

Times Your Favorite Bollywood Superstars Adorably Hit The Snooze Button

We all have days when we have to choose cups of coffee over our beloved sleep. Functioning without sleep is difficult for us and it’s no different for the Bollywood clan! Sometimes coffee also fails to work like magic and we end up snoozing for a while. How many of you take power naps? Between […]

Now You Can Take A Nap Anywhere With These Inflatable Sleep Hoodies!

Hi, are you one of those people who absolutely love sleeping and regret missing out on all the nap time you had as kids? Remeber the time when we had a lot of spare time to nap but we decided to run around the house troubling our moms? If you’re teary-eyed right now and wish […]

These Pictures Of Alia Bhatt Cuddled Up In Her Bed Is Basically All Of Us!

Honestly, who doesn’t like to sleep as if there are no qualms in the world? If you are somewhat like me then you must love the idea of a king size bed with warm blankets! If given a chance then I wouldn’t mind staying in my bed the whole day long. I mean it is […]

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